Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stand Still

Under the Patronage of HE Anick Van Calster, the Ambassador of Belgium to UAE
Ghaf Art Gallery Cordially invites you to attend

"Stand Still"

Michel Platteau

Opening Reception: Thursday 2nd February at 8pm
Exhibition Continues until the 14th of February, 2012.

Artist Statement: Art is about creating images and passing on this information, the human eye perceives the colours, shapes, lines and tries to translate all this into the memories we acquired, the emotions we all lived, as eclectic and surprising live can be.
We all experience busy lives, one monotony that sometimes approaches the boundaries of greyness, colours try to fade away.
That is what this exhibition is all about, to stop, even if it were for only one second, to recharge on the colours, shapes, lines, and redefining ourselves, a small escape out our daily routines, bringing back those memories to life.

About the Artist: The Belgian Michel Platteau, currently living in Abu Dhabi, has been able to combine his two passions , traveling and making art.
Through his profession he gets to travel the world and pick up a brought mixture of impressions which you can see in his work. His paintings will take you on a voyage of visions, be it the beauty of nature, the feel of a new city, the sideway on a hot summer day, it will let you escape from your daily routine. Michel's creative mind is reflected in his use of vibrant colours and mixing techniques.
With his first solo exhibition this self taught artist wants to show that art can be as fun as accessible.


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