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3 Icons

Artist: Mohamed Kanoo
Exhibition Title: 3 Icons
Exhibition Date: 19/02/2007
Portrait of an artist
Born in 1963, a citizen of Bahrain, Mohamed's interest in art could be considered genetic. His mother, Maria, was herself formally trained as an artist. His father, Abdul Latif, is himself a civil engineer by profession. His father also has interests in art and has established the Beit Al Quran museum in Bahrain, which specializes in Islamic and Quranic manuscripts and art.
This familial influence left its indelible mark on Mohamed who commenced painting informally in Abu Dhabi in 1989. Using self-taught modern techniques of Roy Lichtenstein, Mohamed paints in the contemporary "Pop Art" style of Andy Warhol.
His first work, in this style is a portrait of HH Sh. Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates, and an ever present spiritual inspiration to his work.
Mohamed's works have become more refined over the years and he has recently started experimenting with other media for his more abstract works.
Mohamed currently has several categories within which his works can be divided. They are portraits, automobiles, abstract, applied media, landscape and calligraphy.Mohamed received his higher education in the United States with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Political Science from the University of Texas at Austin and with graduate work in Monetary Economics from the American Univeristy in Washington D. C.. He is married to Hoda and has two sons, Abdul Latif and Abdul Rahman and a daughter, Noor. He works as a senior executive for his family business.
Mohamed Kanoo,P.O.Box: 245,Abu Dhabi, UAETel: +971 2 6774445Fax: +971 2 6773161Email:


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