Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jalal’s Art Trip 2009

Artists: Afra Al Mehairi, Fatima Al Shamsi, Fawz Kabra, Gemma Champ, Marian Richordson, Nabeel Al Mehairbi, Panna, Taher, Rahma Al Mehairbi, Sascha Ritter, Shaqra Al Hameli, Shaima Al Maisari, Waleed Al Temimi
Exhibition Title: Jalal's Art Trip 2009
Exhibition Date: 5-4-2009

In an exhibition by the bright, up-and-coming Artists
of Abu Dhabi, Artist Jalal Luqman proudly presents, “Jalal’s Art Trip 2009” . An exhibition of artwork inspired by a trip to the old abandoned town of Jazirat Al Hamra, the exhibition “Jalal’s Art Trip 2009” will include painting, photography, photo manipulation, digital painting, calligraphy and mixed media. The opening reception is on 5th April 2009 and the exhibition continues till the 15th April 2009. The participating artists are (in alphabetical order) Afra Al Mehairi (UAE), Fatima Al Shamsi (UAE), Fawz Kabra (Palestine/Canada), Gemma Champ (UK), Marian Richardson (Ireland), Nabeel Khalfan Al-Mehairbi (UAE), Panna Taher (UK/Bangladesh), Rahma Al Mehairbi (UAE), Sascha Ritter (Germany), Shaqra Al-Hameli (UAE), Shaima Al Maisari (UAE), Waleed Khalid Al-Temimi (Iraq/UK).
“Jalal’s Art Trip 2009”, from concept to completion, is the brainchild of the Emirati artist Jalal Luqman. The project stems from his desire to promote art in Abu Dhabi by giving the opportunity to emerging artists in the Middle East to have an exhibition completely sponsored by him.In order to facilitate this, Jalal Luqman initiated an annual event called ‘Jalal’s Art Trip’, during which a select few artists resident in the U.A.E. would go to a location or two to ignite inspiration. The trip was only open to emerging artists who had not yet held a solo exhibition and needed push and encouragement to establish themselves in the art world.
Although Jalal received more than 300 responses for the trip, from as far afield as the US and Greece, and hundreds more from professional artists who wanted to join the trip, just 12 artists were finally selected.
After the trip, over the next five to six weeks the artists are required to create works of art inspired solely by their individual experiences on the trip. The whole trip and every subsequent meeting were filmed, to document 'The Process' that is involved in creating an artwork, from the point of inspiration to the framing and exhibition of work and all that comes in between. This is done to foster a deeper understanding between the artists and the public. A small video of ‘The Process’ will be shown on the exhibition opening night.
Patron: Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF)
Supporters: Ghaf Art GallerySotheby’sDynamic Motion
Media Partner: O2 Marketing Communications


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