Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oasis Dreams

Artist: Maria Ralko & Stanislav Adamenko
Exhibition Title: Oasis Dreams
Exhibition Date: 24/08/2008

History knows works not only of separate persons, but also examples of effective cooperation of talented artists who have been fruitfully working on one theme or on the creation of the same architectural ensemble.In contemporary Ukrainian art the evidence of such bright cooperation is the joint work of academicians of Ukrainian Academy of architecture, People's Artists of Ukraine, Winners of the State Prize of Ukraine, Holders of the Award "For Merits" Stanislav Adamenko and Maria Ralko and their son - a young artist and architect Alexander Adamenko. An important stage in their creative work became an extremely original multiple work of the renewal and enrichment of architectural-artistic design of interiors during the reconstruction of the National Opera House of Ukraine.For the Palace of Culture "Ukraine" the Adamenko-Ralko participates in the designing process of the representation premises, decorative cut-glass and metal compositions and their realization.Under their management an important task concerning the design and reconstruction or interiors of Multipurpose Complex and Negotiations Hall in Administrative building on Bankova Street in Kyiv was successfully fulfilled. They worked out the draft of reconstruction and a perspective development of "The President-hotel - Kyivskiy".The artists participated many times in international and Ukrainian competitions to create projects of monuments, memorials and complex urban development. They are authorized to prepare a draft for the Mariinskiy Palace, an outstanding monument of architecture in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, which is now under the reconstruction.


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