Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Art of Mohamed Al Mubarak

Artist: Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak
Exhibition Title: "The Art of Mohamed Al Mubarak"
Exhibition Date:03/03/2008

Mohamed Khalifa Al MubarakThe Ghaf Art Gallery is proud to present the intense yet diverse work of a young artist from Abu Dhabi in his first solo exhibition. Mohamed Khalifa Almubarak’s works possess an energy that reflects his roots, his upbringing and his education. He was inspired by the late Sheikh Zayed and this exhibition features several of these wonderful portraits. There is an ever present influence of Japanese Manga art in his works and he was featured as an artist at the 1st International Abu Dhabi Cartoon Festival that was held at the Cultural Foundation in early 2007. He remains fearlessof taking on new challenges and has commenced working on different media some of which are on display at this exhibition.


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