Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Appearances

Artists: Chritch, Courtney Radl Perroco, Elwin Buchel, Emily Gordon, Julia Ibbini, Janine Ibbini, Judy Roberts, Linda Stephanian, Neena Rai, Tania Beaumont
Exhibition Title: First Appearances
Exhibition Date: 18/1/2009

Fanaan is taking ‘art’ by the grassroots
With designs on becoming an arts and cultural capital and leading destination in the Middle East for world-leading museums and galleries, Abu Dhabi’s aims are also inspiring locally-based artists to take bolder steps towards organizing art projects and shows on a more ‘grassroots’ level – with groups like Fanaan looking to lead the way.
Founded earlier this year, Fanaan, (literally meaning “artist” in Arabic) is a group of Abu Dhabi-based artists who have come together with the purpose of bringing together and cultivating an artistic community in the UAE capital.
Fanaan is currently comprised of 10 artists from a diverse range of backgrounds including Emily Gordon, Elwin Buchel, Julia Ibbini, Janine Ibbini, Linda Stephanian, Judy Roberts, Chritch, Neena Rai, Tania Beaumont and Courtney Radl Perrocco.
The group’s inaugural exhibition – entitled First Appearances will be held at the Ghaf Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, from the 18th – 29th January 2009 – is set to exhibit the true mix of the group’s artistic diversity including contemporary paintings, photography, digital art, sculpture and textile art.


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