Thursday, September 17, 2009


Artists: Sophie Mutze, Erin Crandell, Nicholas Clark, Saif Latif, Emma Baker
Exhibition Title: S.E.N.S.E
Exhibition Date: 19-4-2009

I am proud to present an impressive display of student talent from the American Community School of Abu Dhabi that demonstrates creative skill far beyond the young artists’ years. The Senior Art Exhibition is an annual event at ACS, featuring the work of International Baccalaureate senior art students.
My students and I are honored that this year we have the privilege of displaying student art works at a professional art gallery. I want to thank the Ghaf Art Gallery for the trust and the opportunity that they have given the young international ACS artists.
The art exhibition S.E.N.S.E, has two years’ worth of artwork of five students who are either diploma or certificate [candidates] of the IB program. The theme, around which students focused their artwork over a period of two years, was “journey.” These journeys were connected to a specific theme that each artist chose as a focus for their artwork. This year’s class of IB art chose a wide variety of themes, ranging from our environment, to showcasing personal growth as artists, and individual exploration of the visual arts within other cultural contexts.
Emma Baker chose her connection to Australia and also the life of a young woman. Erin Crandell’s theme was how humans interact with nature. Nicholas Clark chose sound, in particular, music. Saif Latif worked on the human condition and emotion. Sophie Murze focused on the cultural/emotional conflict she is facing as a young woman from Germany as well as her passion for horses.
The show presents a wide array of studio work. The investigation of new media, techniques and ideas is clearly evident in the myriad of the variety of work on display. They include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, silkscreen, photography and digital film.
Along with the studio work the students have kept a written visual art journal (Investigation Workbooks) to plan, record progress, critique their studio projects, and research other artists, cultures and periods of art history that relate to their chosen theme(s).
We sincerely hope that you enjoy the exhibition.
Sylviane De Roquebrune American community School, High School Art Instructor


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