Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The First Drop of Rain

Artist: Abdollah Eissa, Camille Hilmi, Courtney Radl, Janine IbbiniJulia Ibbini, Linda Stephanian, Muneera Al-Bu Saidi, Neena Rai Rola Shamas, Saad Saif
Exhibition Title: The First Drop of Rain
Exhibition Date:07/04/2008

The brainchild of famous Middle Eastern digital artist Jalal Luqman. The exhibition stems from his desire to promote art in Abu Dhabi, by giving the opportunity to bright and upcoming artists in the Middle East to have an exhibition completely sponsored by Ghaf Gallery Jalal Luqman. Initiated an art trip, called 'Jalal's Art Trip' which took the chosen 6-8 upcoming artists from the hundreds who applied for the event to go on a trip to a location or two to ignite inspiration. After that, return to Ghaf Gallery, where for the next 2-3 weeks, artists were to work on their paintings/art work/sculptures inspired by the trip. The whole trip, every meeting afterwards, etc, was filmed - so as to show the world 'The Process' which goes in creating an artwork, from the point of inspiration to the completion of work and all that comes in between.


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