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Artist: Evru, Miguel Trillo, Miquel Oriola
Exhibition Title: Aliens
Exhibition Date: 24/06/2008

The Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in Abu Dhabi, the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage and the Ghaf Gallery have initiated in 2008 an original artistic project under the title of "Aliens". This project is part of the Program of Spanish Artists in Residence in the U.A.E.: "Lab Project", launched by the Embassy of Spain in 2006. On this occasion, three Spanish photographers: Evru, Miguel Trillo and Miguel Oriola, have been invited to the U.A.E. to carry out the "Aliens Project". This project is a way of using art to reflect on the vague and slippery borders of identity, nationality, normality and strangeness and to tackle the different meanings of the word "alien": the artist as an "alien" that arrives for the first time as a strange creature to a new country, the concept of "alien" as foreigner (more than 80% of the population of the UAE are aliens in this sense), and the concept of alien as strange, weird and different.
Evru is himself a fantastic alien, one that has created his own universe called Evrugo Mental State. He came to the UAE to install in the Higher Colleges of Technology for Women, an Evrugo Mental State Fluxes Office, a space where people were photographed and could dream of a new identity, a new name or even a new physiognomy, inviting us thus to think about the concepts of identity, nationality and normality. Evru has done a series of portraits of strange humanoid creatures dressed with spectacular clothes designed by the Indian fashion designer Manish Arora.
Miguel Trillo has been photographing "aliens" for a long time, especially through series of characters, couples, groups or individuals, photographed in urban spaces in Spain and other countries around the world. The UAE, with the quantity and diversity of its foreign population and its futuristic new urban spaces were an ideal place for this photographer. The artist has undertaken a research of urban and underground culture in the UAE to make a series of portraits of young people and to illustrate modernity in this country.
Miguel Oriola is a photographer that is very much embedded in the art movements of western modernity and therefore we could consider his artistic universe as very much "alien" to the reality and traditions of the UAE. But from this encounter he came up with images in which the elements that are "alien" to his culture are abducted and incorporated into his creative world. Oriola has created a collection of photographs of disturbing cityscapes, disquieting portraits of clones and strange phenomena.
The "Aliens" Lab Project will be featured in an exhibition where the artists' fascinating pictorial work will be revealed. The exhibition's opening will take place at the Ghaf Gallery in Abu Dhabi, on Tuesday 24th of June 2008 at 8pm, and the exhibition will continue until the 8th of July 2008.


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