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Abdulla Al Muharraqi Painting Exhibition

Artist: Abdulla Al Muharraqi
Exhibition Title: Abdulla Al Muharraqi Painting Exhibition
Exhibition Date:22/07/2008

"The Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation in association with Meem Gallery, Ghaf Art Gallery and the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage, proudly present an exhibition of the works of Abdulla Al Muharraqi, featuring a journey with the artist"
Abdulla Al Muharraqi
Born in Manama in 1939 Abdulla Al Muharraqi grew up close to the sea which later inspired his art. Accompanying his father on many a sea bound journeys in the Arabian Gulf; he became attached to the maritime life.
Abdulla Al Muharraqi's talent for drawing was first recognized by his teachers at primary school. He was one of the few talented students who continued to draw. Encouraged by his principal, his organized a special exhibition for his sketches and drawings at the end of each year. By the age of 12, Al Muharraqi had already gained the title of artist. When he reached high school he continued to get support from his school principal and began earning from the sale of his paintings at the annual exhibitions.
In 1955 Abdulla travelled to Egypt to study art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo before graduating from the University of Damascus in 1971 with a first division honors degree in Decorative Arts.
From 1964 to 1989 Al Muharraqi was appointed as art adviser to the Ministry of Information in Bahrain, a position he held again years later at the Royal Court. Al Muharraqi is also a cartoonist and his works have appeared in Akhbar Al Khaleej in Bahrain since 1976 and in Al Bayan in Dubai from 1989 till 2005. Over the years he has designed many of Bahrain's official decorations and identity for companies and organizations.
Abdulla won his first award in a competition for designing the official logo of the UAE which is in use till date. He has also designed most of Bahrain's postage stamps since 1970. He won the first award at the Fine Art Exhibition for Bahraini artists in 1973. He was awarded the Grollo Doro International award in Italy, 1980, for his painting titled 'the tragedy of divers, the Gold Medal Award from the French Art Society in 1983. He was the first recipient of the State of Bahrain Award for the Arts in 1985, given to him by the prime minister. He won the Jury Award in the 26th Exhibition of Fine Art in Bahrain in 1997, the Al Dana Award in Bahrain's Art Exhibition in 2006, and recognition for his work as an artist and cartoonist at the Arab Businessman Award in the International Economy Forum in Sharam Al Sheikh in 2006. He is also the recipient of the Royal skill Decoration from His Majesty, the King of Bahrain in 2007, the Media Creativity Decoration and Award from the Arab media gathering in Kuwait in 2008 and has received much recognition from the association designated with Bahraini pioneers and creatives in2008.
Abdulla Al Muharraqi shared his works with the world at several solo exhibitions in Bahrain and abroad.
Bahrain 1975- 1977Kuwait 1981 - 1983London 1970 - 1993Abu Dhabi 1989Muscat 1991Sharjah 1983Doha 2005
He has also participated in exhibitions in Bahrain, Algeria, Kuwait, Doha, Sharjah, Jeddah, Baghdad, Damascus, Korea, Singapore, Rome, and Paris
When Al Muharraqi started drawings he depicted the traditions of Bahrain and the customs of the Gulf using realism as a style to capture the true essence of colors and shapes as well as allowing metaphors to enrich and deepen his messages.
The life of divers in forgotten times formed the majority of his works and he was keen to emphasize on the challenges and dangers which our ancestors had to deal with to survive in the unpredictable waters.


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