Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bouqeut of Mixed Art

Artist: Andrew Feild, Elwin Buchel, Linda Stephanian, Reema Al Abbas
Exhibition Title: Bouqeut of Mixed Art
Exhibition Date:20/06/2007

Four artists with four different styles are now exhibiting their works at the Ghaf Art Gallery in the capital. Abstract, naive painting, impressionism and sculptures are all mixed together, taking the viewer on a rollercoaster of colours, motives and styles. During the recent opening of the exhibition, Mohammed Kanoo, co-owner of Ghaf Gallery and art curator, explained that during this first major group exhibition at Ghaf, the gallery wanted to present something quite different. "This is more like a tossed salad, having lots of ingredients, but with a great final result," said Kanoo.The paintings of Elwin Buchel, one of the four exhibitors, have been seen recently at the Cultural Foundation, part of the group exhibition. Originally from South Africa and working in Abu Dhabi as a doctor, Buchel has been taking his painting career seriously since 1989, when he had his debut exhibition in South Africa. He uses strong, bright and contrasting styles. In the naive style, Buchel is painting happy scenes, inspired mostly by the UAE and South Africa.Reema Al Abbas, one of UAE's artists, is expressing her feelings and her love for life and nature, through abstract, modern paintings. Her works at the exhibition revolve around two different subjects: the human eye and bared trees. "The eye is the mirror of the soul and that's why I choose this motif so much in my paintings," explained Al Abbas.Andrew Field, a British painter now living in the UAE, attracts the viewer firstly through his large size canvases. His landscapes are inspired by geographical features of both the Arabian Gulf and Cornwall, one of the most picturesque regions of England. "I graduated in geography and this reflects a lot in my artwork," pointed out Field.His use of lines, colours and shapes give dynamism to his paintings, reflecting the movement of nature. "I admire the modern British painters very much," revealed Field, adding that he is also inspired by William Turner, the English romantic painter.Linda Stephanian completed the exhibition with a series of sculptures. Born in Iran in an Armenian family with an artistic background, she came to Abu Dhabi in February 2006. From an early age Stephanian started learning the art of sculpting, using different kinds of materials, from clay and gypsum to wax.At the exhibition, Stephanian is presenting a selection of both her earlier works, which are elongated, thin and fragile looking figures and her latest, more solid statuettes. Passionate about dance, Stephanian's sculptures are abstract dancing figures, represented mostly through intertwined, curving shapes.While her earlier works were inspired by the Swiss artist Alberto Giacommetti, Stephanian's sculptures remind now of Romanian-French sculptor Constantin Brancusi. The exhibition of the four artists will continue until July 4.


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